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In addition to being the President of JKC Consulting LLC, John Kneuer is a senior partner at Fairfax Media Partners (“FMP”), the media arm of Fairfax Partners LLC, a company organized to source, acquire, and manage transformative businesses in the telecommunications and media industries.

The rapid diffusion of fixed and mobile broadband services, as well as the introduction of entirely new classes of consumer electronics and computers is rapidly changing the media marketplace. These changes are placing traditional media businesses under increasing pressure, while entirely new business models are also being introduced. At the same time these changes are impacting market dynamics, fundamental changes in the media regulatory landscape are also being considered.

Located in Washington, D.C., FMP has the ability and expertise to successfully navigate complex regulatory issues that can impact its telecom and broadcast investments. At a time of increasing government involvement and influence in a broad range of industries, FMP seeks investments in businesses that can be transformed through the successful execution of a sophisticated regulatory strategy.

Fairfax Media Partners has been established to invest in underperforming or underutilized assets in the media and telecoms sectors. Drawing upon its partners’ extensive industry expertise, the group works with existing owners and management teams in identifying opportunities for cash generation and value maximization in response to and in anticipation of regulatory and technological change.

Leveraging more than 140 years of combined experience in corporate turnaround, finance, operations, and high-level government service, FMP is uniquely qualified to reposition regulated media businesses in transition.

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