Public Policy Advocacy

Working with companies from start-ups to multinational Fortune 100s, JKC provides comprehensive public policy analysis and consulting services.  JKC represents companies with interests before the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch Agencies, the Federal Communications Commission and other regulatory agencies, as well as intergovernmental and international institutions.

Strategic Consulting

JKC works with early stage communications and technology companies to define and execute successful business plans and market strategies.  Focusing on companies in the wireless and network security space, JKC helps identify target markets, including government and non-government customers, and facilitates access to purchasing decision-makers.  JKC also helps its clients navigate the regulatory environment to avoid obstacles and identify strategic regulatory opportunities.

Investment Advisory

JKC works with financial institutions and larger companies to identify strategic acquisition opportunities and perform due diligence prior to investment.  JKC works with its clients to evaluate the business plans and mid term prospects of potential investments or acquisitions.  JKC has also worked with smaller companies to identify sources of operating and expansion capital.

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